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Category Archives: fashion campaign

Last week I directed a quick commercial for an apparel client’s kid’s line. The spot is called Suburban Carseat Blues, a parody of Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues, although many people don’t have memories that go back that far and therefore may think that I started this card turning thing, that I’m speaking for all of us, and that I’m the spokesman for a generation. A generation of curly dimpled lunatics.


Oops. While I was in Rome, SA delivered a quick commercial to our client with an apostrophe missing in the subtitle of the word “Let’s”. By the time the spelling mistake was discovered, the spot had a quarter of a million views on YouTube and it therefore wouldn’t be practical to remove it. So far nobody has mentioned the omission. Except me, here. Shhhh.


Then, I caught this Library Newsletter that had also made an apostrophe error, apparently adding the apostophe that we’d mistakenly omitted to to a place where it doesn’t belong in “ricochets”.


Lets Let’s all be more careful about apostrophe’s apostrophes.

My job includes overseeing Social Animal’s Creative Agency subsidiary, which produces commercials and visual imagery for advertising. We put the ‘wonder’ in Wonder Bread, according to the old saying. Since people often ask me about what is exactly involved in creating a campaign, I thought that I’d post a link to this video, which was put together by Eric Soboleski at Social Animal. It shows all the goings-on backstage on a one day shoot creating the print and TV campaign for our client Teno, an upscale jewelry brand. Click on the image below to watch the video:

Teno campaign bts